Testing something as simplistic as the source code on the left, turns into something a lot more complex (code to the right)

It is not difficult to imagine that things do not get easier from here. This ratio of 2:1 is the ratio followed in the defense, aerospace, and other mission critical industries: the budget for testing is twice that of development.

Efforts grow exponentially

Attempts to deviate from this ratio with the current technology have had real consequences. But not every entity can afford this kind of investment in a product.

Traditionally the approach has been to assume that to test code, only more code will do the work, and to use Code Coverage technology to measure the effectiveness of that effort.

But what about if we could change this approach?

Until the reckoning hits close...

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No Coding Required

With an easy to use UI, even the most cumbersome testing tasks become a matter of point and click. To achieve the same results as below with current technology would require expertise in two or more frameworks, and a sizeable number of lines of code.


If RIOT helps to increase the growth of tests inputs, its capacity to process them and generate meaningful outputs is unheard of. One million executions in 5 seconds, or less. Think about what this can do to your schedules.


Once you feel comfortable with your logic, there is no need to keep on using RIOT manually. Let our unique independent agent take over and generate 100% code coverage. Period. Line, branch, block, method. This guy is smart and fast.

Third Party Support

Out of the box support for: Spring, MySql. The simple and easy workflow remains the same across underlying platforms